Wednesday, February 21, 2007

9 to 5 Soundtrack

This one comes courtesy of Vinnie Rattolle's Records (where you can find several other out of print Dolly albums). This is the soundtrack album from NINE TO FIVE, which has become increasingly hard to find over the years. The album includes two versions of Dolly's tune that haven't been released anywhere else, along with Charles Fox's score. If you're familiar with the film, you should recognize every piece of music (except, perhaps, "Easy Time," which plays softly in the department store). The album's never had an official CD release, but this version, ripped from the cassette, sounds flawless. You'll need Winrar or a program capable of unpacking rar files in order to unzip the file.

01. 9 to 5 Main Title (Dolly Parton)
02. Violet Steals the Body
03. Office Montage
04. Judy's Fantasy
05. Hart Tries to Escape
06. Pillow Fight
07. Violet's Fantasy
08. Easy Time
09. Dora Lee's Fantasy
10. Violet's Poisoned the Boss
11. Ajax Warehouse
12. The Intruder
13. Charlie's Bar
14. 9 to 5 End Title (Dolly Parton)


Joey said...

Hi! Any chance of a reupload? The link doesn't work anymore. :(

whoa baby said...

can you please reupload?

Squidward said...

Hey, the link doesn't work. Can you fix it somehow? Thanks.

Michael said...

Would love to get this, any chance of re-uploading it as it is so hard to find.

Thank you