Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Country Song Roundup - September 1976

Here's a two-page article on Dolly from a vintage Country Song Roundup magazine.

The Best of Dolly Parton ad

Ad from a 1976 magazine to buy Dolly's first best-of album through the mail from the Ernest Tubb Record Shop.

Heartbreaker Photo Shoot

Here's a few random photos from the photo shoot for the Heartbreaker album.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

9 to 5 Soundtrack

This one comes courtesy of Vinnie Rattolle's Records (where you can find several other out of print Dolly albums). This is the soundtrack album from NINE TO FIVE, which has become increasingly hard to find over the years. The album includes two versions of Dolly's tune that haven't been released anywhere else, along with Charles Fox's score. If you're familiar with the film, you should recognize every piece of music (except, perhaps, "Easy Time," which plays softly in the department store). The album's never had an official CD release, but this version, ripped from the cassette, sounds flawless. You'll need Winrar or a program capable of unpacking rar files in order to unzip the file.

01. 9 to 5 Main Title (Dolly Parton)
02. Violet Steals the Body
03. Office Montage
04. Judy's Fantasy
05. Hart Tries to Escape
06. Pillow Fight
07. Violet's Fantasy
08. Easy Time
09. Dora Lee's Fantasy
10. Violet's Poisoned the Boss
11. Ajax Warehouse
12. The Intruder
13. Charlie's Bar
14. 9 to 5 End Title (Dolly Parton)


Sunday, February 18, 2007

Trash Can Photos

One of the strangest and most highly coveted items by DP collectors is a trash can, released in the late '70s, that bears her likeness (I don't have a digital camera at the moment, or I'd provide pics). Adorning the can are these two photos by Ed Caraeff, which also appeared in his book "Dolly Close Up."

Straight Talk Slug Sheet

Ever wonder how they make those newspaper ads for movies (like the NINE TO FIVE one below)? They're made by arranging elements found on slug sheets. As you can see parts of the big sheet were used, and the smaller pic came from a different slug sheet.

9 to 5 Newspaper Ad

The quality's not phenomenal on this (after all, it's nearly 30 years old!), but here's a newspaper ad for NINE TO FIVE when it was still playing theatrically in 1980.

Dolly Parton Wig Ads

Yes, amongst a variety of merchandise that Dolly's put her name on, there's been a line of wigs. Here are two full-page ads, and two quarter-page ads, for her wigs from the mid '90s.

Unlikely Angel

When it was first broadcast a little over a decade ago, UNLIKELY ANGEL became an instant holiday classic and one of the most beloved films amongst Dolly's fans. The title tune is often requested, but unfortunately, has never had an official release (not counting "More Than I Can Say" on her "Rainbow" album, which features nearly identical music but completely different lyrics). So here's the three tunes from the film, ripped from the DVD:

01. What'cha Tryin' to Do?
02. Unlikely Angel
03. Hallelujah!

Although the film's available on DVD, they never compiled a trailer to promote the film on other discs. But last year, this short promo from the film's initial broadcast began circulating on the net:

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Cineaste Interview

This is a 1990 interview with Cineaste Magazine, in which Dolly covers all sorts of subjects -- from her home life to her family to politics to her then-current film, STEEL MAGNOLIAS. The magazine's probably not too well-known outside of the film world, but they're known for their rich writing and probing interviews.

1979 Itinerary

Here's Dolly's July-October 1979 concert itinerary, as sent out by her fan club.

Wild Texas Wind photos

Yeah, I know these WILD TEXAS WIND pics are probably available elsewhere, but here they are again...

Wild Texas Wind Wallpaper!

Here's something that you won't find anywhere else! Here's some wallpaper for your machine with the logo for Dolly's band, "Big T and the Texas Wheel" from the film WILD TEXAS WIND! "Yippie-i-ki-o, yippie-i-ki-e... Big T!"

800 x 600


1280 X 960

Dolly's Self-Help Book?!

This 1984 Redbook interview tells of another of Dolly's numerous ill-fated projects, a self-help book titled "I Am."

"I've had my makeup off and on all day..."

Nothing to do with anything, but I found this photo in a 1977 "Country Song Roundup." The accompanying article is about makeup artists, and Dolly's name is only mentioned in passing. I would assume that this was backstage on her '70s variety show.

Stella Parton Article

Okay, this is a one-off and something you're not likely to find here again... This 1976 article from "Country Song Roundup" is about Dolly's sister, Stella. As any devout Dolly fan knows, her numerous siblings have all tried to break into show business -- with minimal success. The funny thing here is that it's an article about how Stella's "Not Just Dolly's Sister," but the photos bear an uncanny resemblance to the ones from Dolly's photo shoot for "New Harvest, First Gathering."

Dollywood Holiday Inn Postcards

I'm inclined to say that these postcards are from 1998, but don't quote me on that. In any event, these were complimentary cards given out by Holiday Inn Express Hotels, promoting the park, Jukebox Junction, The Music Mansion and Daredevil Falls.

"9 to 5" Sheet Music

Here's the music for the hit "Nine to Five." If anyone's looking for music to any of the other songs on "9 to 5 and Odd Jobs," I've also got that book. Just drop me a comment on this post!

"He's Alive" Sheet Music

Here's the sheet music for "He's Alive!"