Saturday, February 17, 2007

Welcome & Blue Valley Songbird

Welcome! I have tons & tons & tons of obscure and rare Dolly Parton related memorabilia, and was looking for a way to share it with the online community. I've tried building websites, but that's a royal pain, so I decided to share stuff via blogger.

I plan to share lots of obscure photos (like this one from BLUE VALLEY SONGBIRD with John Terry & Billy Dean), vintage magazine articles, press kits, etc -- in other words, photos galore. You'll probably also find some rare audio & video from time to time. I've got other blogs, and I know that trying to organize them is a nightmare, so rely on post labels (below and in the bar to the right) and titles to navigate.

And since I've started with BVS, here's an mp3 of the unreleased duet with Billy Dean from the film, "We Might Be In Love." And here's four more on-set photos from the film from an old issue of Country Weekly:

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