Saturday, February 17, 2007

Stella Parton Article

Okay, this is a one-off and something you're not likely to find here again... This 1976 article from "Country Song Roundup" is about Dolly's sister, Stella. As any devout Dolly fan knows, her numerous siblings have all tried to break into show business -- with minimal success. The funny thing here is that it's an article about how Stella's "Not Just Dolly's Sister," but the photos bear an uncanny resemblance to the ones from Dolly's photo shoot for "New Harvest, First Gathering."

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Michelle said...


Wow I love that article!!! Its quite good.

I agree, she's more than Dolly's sister. She is definately her own unique person, and she's sooo sweet!

She's a wonderful person both on the outside and in, and I think she's done quite well for herself all things considering.

Thanks for this article, I really appriciate you putting it up here!